The Fools’ Society

 by Shraddha

Offered in memory of  Swami Tathagatananda who served the Vedanta Society of New York as Resident Minister and Spiritual Leader from 1977 to 2016. Also see: Remembering Swami Tathagatanandaji.

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“I am fool number 1,”
I heard Him say.
Like to a magnet this other fool was attracted.

I listened and learned.
Wisdom, not in dogma, but in encouragement.
All my foolishness was welcomed.

A mountain of love, Shiva in Supreme meditation.
A tornado of emotions.
He engulfed and swallowed the venom of my fears.

The obstacle of my excuses disappeared in a whirlwind.
With His heavy step He seemed to cement my will.
My weakness was crushed.

In His mirror I saw my strength.
I open my eyes in His wide laughter.
Each day, I am grateful to Life

Because “Life is God.”
The Sun is The Mother,
Nourishing the seeds of strength He gave.

Whoever is not “Grateful to The Sun” will be depressed.
I face the sun and feel its warmth.
I worship Life and share.

Share, as I expand my heart, further, wider.
In Holy Mother words: “No one is a stranger,
My child. The whole world is your own.”

Thank You, Mother Tathagatanandaji.

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