Widgets & Sidebar

“Widgets” are convenient features that appear on each page.Currently you can access recently posted articles in New Articles and read a random quote by Holy Mother In Mother’s Words. Want to send us a message? You’ll find an email link in Tell Us What You Think. Not only that, there is even a widget for subscribing to Sri Sarada Society Notes Online.  Other features may be added over time.

On tablets and smartphones the widget section will likely appear below the article and other links. However, in wide browser window displays, such as available on computer, it will be in the sidebar to the right.  When the sidebar is available it may be displayed or collapsed. You can toggle the display by clicking the arrow icons. If you do not see the sidebar or arrow, widen the width of the browser window on your computer screen.  The collapsed sidebar arrow looks like this:

Collapsed Sidebar

The open sidebar looks like this:

 Open Sidebar Image

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