Truly Online!

Welcome to the new Sri Sarada Notes Online. After 22 years in publication, we have decided to end publication of the print version of Sri Sarada Society Notes. While in the past our “online” option consisted of an archive of print issues in PDF format, the articles published on this site are fully web based. Displays are dynamic and optimized for any of your devices. This should make reading articles online easier.

We are currently adding selected articles from print issues, specifically those that are of a timeless nature. If you have been a past subscriber, you will notice some of the archived articles published online include added features.  

Navigating This Site

The NEWLY ADDED  menu will take you to the most recent posts. Our goal is to add two or more from the print archives each month. Because we are using the original publishing dates for the articles, customary “recent” feeds do not work. 

The PUBLISHED SO FAR widget is the best way to find the number of articles in each issue that have been added, while the FROM AMONG THE ARTICLES  widget previews a random article selection. These and other widgets appear either appear to the right or below an article, depending upon the width of the screen or browser window.

If you prefer to read a printed page, we have added a customizable Print option so you can print individual articles as needed. Be sure to explore the ABOUT menu to learn about print options and other site features, including IN MOTHER’S WORDS.

Sri Sarada Society Notes Online is a work in progress. We have appreciated your continued support though the years and hope that you will come with us as we embark on this new adventure in discovering the potential of online publishing.

Yours in Mother,
Sri Sarada Society

image of Sri Sarada Society Newsletter Collection cover

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