The Articles

This site features selected articles that have been published by the Sri Sarada Society. Sri Sarada Society Update was initially introduced in 1995 to inform readers during the course of the Ridgely Project. It combined information about fundraising efforts with personal reflections and historical articles. Update also reported on the first two Western lecture tours by Pravrajikas visiting from Sri Sarada Math.           

The newsletter was renamed Sri Sarada Society Notes in Spring 1998. Expanding upon the more literary style emerging in Update, Sri Sarada Society Notes welcomed articles from devotees throughout the world. Spiritually oriented content took a variety of forms, including both reflective and researched articles, poetry, biographies, and book reviews. In keeping with the increasing use of digital newsletters, distribution of Notes switched from mail to email delivery in 2013, enabling us to add color photos and graphic touches. Nonetheless, Sri Sarada Society continued to send black and white editions of the newsletter to readers who preferred printed copies.

While posting will refer to the original publication date and issue, we are sometimes update and enhance articles as we add them here online. We may also introduce new articles when possible. Our main purpose, however, is to make the more timeless of our printed articles easily available to anyone interested in reading them.  

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